Columbia Festival Orchestra
Gwen Gould, conductor

Amanda Boyd, soprano
Mary Deyerle Hack, mezzo-soprano
Alan Schneider, tenor


Overture to Candide

Orchestral Suite from Candide

You Were Dead You Know (Allegretto poco agitato)
Paris Waltz (Tempo di Waltzer)
Bon Voyage (Allegretto molto vivace)
Drowing Music and the King’s Barcarolle (Io stesso tempo)
Ballad of Eldorado (Allegretto)
I Am Easily Assimilated (Moderato)
The Best of All Possible Worlds (Allegretto, ma con brio)
Make Our Garden Grow (Andante molto moderato)

Three Songs from Candide:
Amanda Boyd, Conegunde
Alan Schneider, Candide
Mary Deyerle Hack, The Old Lady

Make Our Garden Grow
I Am Easily Assimilated
Glitter and Be Gay

Vocal Ensemble Members: Barbara Eckhaus, mezzo-soprano; John Davey, tenor; Steven Marking, baritone; Steve Dahlin, bass-bariton


Concert Suite from West Side Story
Amanda Boyd, Maria
Alan Schneider, Tony

One Hand, One Heart
Balcony Scene

Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

Prologue (Allegro moderato)
The growing rivalry between two teenage gangs, the Jets and the Sharks

Somewhere (Adagio)
In a dream ballet, the two gangs are united in friendship.

Scherzo (Vivace e leggiero)
In the same dream, the gangs break away from the city walls, suddenly finding themselves in a playful world of space, air and sun.

Mambo (Meno Presto)
In the real world again, the competitive dance at the gym between the gangs.

Cha-cha (Andantino con grazia)
The star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria see each other for the first time; they dance together.

Meeting Scene (Meno mosso)
Music accompanies their first words spoken to one another

Cool Fugue (Allegretto)
An elaborate dance sequence in which Riff leads the Jets in harnessing their impulsive hostility, figuratively “cooling their jets.”

Rumble (Molto allegro)
Climactic gang battle; the two gang leaders, Riff and Bernardo, are killed.

Finale (Adagio)
Maria’s “I have a Love” develops into a procession, which recalls the vision of “Somewhere.”

Notes by Jack Gottlieb

The appearance of  Amanda Boyd and Mary Deyerle Hack is funded (in part) by Diamond Opera Theater through a grant from the Decentralization Program of NYSCA, administered through the Twin Counties Cultural Fund in Columbia County by CCCA.

Columbia Festival Orchestra

Violin I
Renee Jolles, Concertmaster
Kevin Bushee
Ann Gillette
Leah Nelson
Sheila Reinhold
Lu Sun
Patrick Wood
Masako Yanagita

Violin II
Michael Gillette, Principal
Andrea Andros
Rachel Golub
Jonathan Kass
Rachel Maria Petite
Miriam Shapiro

Ron Gorevic, Principal
Patricia Daly
Peggy Mc Adams
Susan St. Amour
Judy Witmer

Lucy Bardo, Principal
Steven Ballou
Petia Kassarova
Erica Pickhardt

Peter Weitzner, Principal
Kageki Nagao
Anne Trout

Laura Gilbert, Principal
Theresa Norris
Karen Bogardus, Piccolo

Stephen Hammer, Principal
Sara Davol
Bob Ingliss, English Horn

Michael Sussman, Principal
Lyn Sussman
Monte Morgenstern, Bass Clarinet

Alto Sax
Larry Harms

Andrew Cordle, Principal
Paul Stebbins
Gilbert Dejean, Contrabassoon

Alan Dean, Principal
Frank Hosticka
James Hamlin

R.J. Kelley, Principal
Janet Lantz
Peter Reit
Lauren Hosford

Larry Witmer, Principal
Gary Capetandes
Jonathan Greenberg, Bass Trombone

Dale Turk

Ben Harms

Frank Cassara, Principal
Scott Simpson
Andrew Blanco
Jeffrey Irving

Victoria Drake

Lincoln Mayorga

Personnel Manager
Ben Harms

Dale Turk

Sponsors (list in preparation)
JSL Computer Services, Inc.

Thanks to… (list in preparation)

  • Roberta Reynes for arranging housing for musicians & Jill Salerno for backing her up
  • Housing Hosts: Judy Grunberg, Karen Malina & David Levow, Tom & Nancy Clark, Bill & Ingrid Greenfield, Mary Gail Biebel, Cathy & Al Stumpf, Stan & Carol Finkelstein, Jill & Jim Salerno, and many friends and relatives of the orchestra members
  • Christine Wopat and the Copake Theater Company for help with lighting
  • J. Patrick Doyle for help with lighting and loan of chairs for the orchestra
  • The Chatham Middle School for loan of music stands and bass drum