Calliope dances

Calliope Dances: a Renaissance revel.
Nonesuch 9 79039-2, p1982.
PERFORMERS: Calliope, a Renaissance band: Lucy Bardo, Lawrence Benz, Allan Dean, Ben Harms.
CONTENTS: Works by Praetorius; Pierre Attaignant; Henry VIII of England ; Francisco de la Torre; Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro; and Heinrich Isaac.

Calliope Festival: an Italian Renaissance revel.
Nonesuch 79069 , p1984.
CONTENTS: Works by: Anonymous, Donato de Florentia , Giovanni da Cascia , Gherardello de Florentia, Diego Ortiz, Sebastian Festa, Francesco Bendusi , Giovanni Battista Grillo, Pierre Phalese, Girolamo Farabosco, and Adriano Banchieri .

Calliope Swings

Calliope Swings – Jazz, Rags and Blues

Xylophone, Hand Drums, Recorders, Sackbutts, Crumhorns, Viols & Schwams! Hot Picks of the Month 1. “Calliope Dances. A Renaissance Revel”
– Playboy Magazine

“The superb ensemble Calliope consists of four musicians who sing and play their hearts out…”
– San Francisco Chronicle

Ben Harm’s amazes with his hand drumming virtuosity and unique stylings of captivating solo xylophone with Renaissance Band arrangements of George Hamilton Green’s Log Cabin Blues, Jovial Jasper, Cross Corners, and Rainbow Ripples.


Harms Basic Technique for Hand Drum and Tambourine

Basic Technique for Hand Drum and Tambourine
with Ben Harms

Here is a well-organized instructional videotape and notebook for drummers of all experiences and backgrounds. It begins with the instructions on how to hold the instruments and then demonstrates, step-by-step, the various sounds made with the fingers and hands. After working on basic duple and triple patterns the student learns some catchy rhythms. There follows some intermediate studies with standard meters of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 beats as well as the more unusual 5 and 7 beats. The tape goes on to illustrate some advanced techniques and Rhythmic Diminution, the basis of drumming improvisation in India. Diddle the Doum, a 3 1/2-minute solo using rhythms inspired by the traditional stick-drummer’s Paradiddle, concludes the tape.

Duration: 1 hour
Includes 16-page Notebook
Price: $39.95
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Ben Harms has been playing hand drum and tambourine for over twenty years with the Calliope Renaissance Band and other ensembles. He has made numerous recordings and teaches workshops and private students. In addition to performing with Calliope, Mr. Harms is a percussionist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and timpanist with many modern and period orchestras.

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