We should have known
it was love, when she wanted
to paint your bald head
for an art show at Stanford.

What was she thinking?
You’re a work of art
the painted head.

“Frannie knows me better
than anyone
in the world,”
you said.

She’s a singer,
a business woman,
a writer, a fashion designer,
an artist, a teacher and more.

You’re a handyman, urban designer,
web designer, graphic designer,
with music in your soul,
and you win when you bowl!

You challenge each other
with philosophical intellectual
analytical arguments and
friendly wars of words.

You’re loving and playful
respectful of each other
caring about your friends
caring about your family.

You seem to feed each other
and fill each others needs.
We are blessed that you set
an example for us.

Music brought you together
a good omen, a plus,
but you’re so much more
than everyday people to us.

– August 2005