We’ve gathered in Frisco
to celebrate the SNAFT
the who? the what?
you nervously laughed.

Born in March and April
the SNAFT I say,
the creature whose birthdays
we celebrate today.

Susan and Nicholas
and Allison are here
Frannie and Torsten
bring up the rear.

All of us are glowing
cause our family is growing
Frannie’s joining the clan
wedding Nick is the plan.

From the depths of Australia
to the east coast they come
dozens of cousins
have come here from home.

First there’s Ed and his Gwen
with their Susan and Nick
getting everyone together
was a very good trick.

Susan with her Torsten
in the Castro reside
came with daughter Sophia
that was not a long ride.

And Nick with his Frannie
flew in from New York
getting married in August
we’ll again pop the cork.

Torsten’s parents are Cyndi
and George from Gualala
with Trevor his brother
who came here from Florida.

Ed’s first cousin Barry
with his Gwen alighted
from Melbourne Australia
we all were delighted.

Barry’s Allison came
from Bellingham Washington
having finished her studies
with exhausted satisfaction.

Barry’s Gwen has three daughters
I am quick to relate
Debbie, Mandy and Tracey
with their children made eight.

Mandy’s Lucas & Becka
from far Tennessee
Tracey’s Carley and Sierra
Debbie’s Rachel, Whoopee!

Now some people were missing
it’s hard to believe
but getting them all together
is hard to achieve.

There’s so much to share
on this March afternoon
so we’ll have to repeat this
some time very soon.

copyright © March 2005 Gwen Gould
at the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco