Your mama was ready
Her suitcase was packed
But didn’t expect you
For two days, in fact.

Grandma & Grandpa
Arrived from New York
And not five minutes later
They heard from the stork.

Mama went into labor
It was quite a surprise
She thought it was gas
But your daddy was wise.

Let’s call the doctor
And see what she says.
Mama felt funny
And it happened in waves.

Those pains were no more
Than two minutes apart
When they packed up the car…
There’s no time for the BART.

Mama’s hospital room
Was a sight to be seen
With all of us cheering…
Your mom turning green.

You entered the world
At one minute to ten
And we cheered your arrival
Again and again.

As pink as a baby
Could possibly be
Your eyes searched around you
So eager to see.

I’m bursting with pride
To be sharing your name
Sophia Gwen Hartwell,
I’m glad that you came.

– November 2004