For the graduates we love, we’ve assembled tonight
To give you a hug before you pass out of sight.


Mike and Antonio are off to PA,
To Franklin & Marshall not too far away.

It’s New York for our Luke, just a borough away,
“A mixed blessing,” says Raf, but he’s happy you’ll stay.

Ben will stay in the East till the last man at bat,
But you can expect he might argue with that.

Then up in a whirlwind Margaret will go,
That’ll drop her in Kansas, as Luke says “Oh, NO!”

Now David will head to the the Midwest as well
St. Louis and beyond? There’s no way to tell.

“California here I come!” says Nick with a gleam in his eye,
Cross country by car, he’ll be there bye ‘n bye.


Remember your Mama and Papa, we say,
Your sisters and brothers, too, when you’re away.

We can’t do your laundry by e-mail you know,
So it’s good news for us you’ll be running that show.

Here’s a packet of things that will help you get started,
So we can rest comfortably after you’ve parted.

We love you so much but it’s your time to roam,
We’ll roll out the red carpet every time you come home!