Orlando Wells, violin and viola
Karen Bogardus, flute
Matt Castle, Piano

The Emerald Trio has been a dream realized for Karen and Orlando Wells. The married couple had been searching for years for a third person with whom to form a chamber ensemble. They were open to any instrument and had considered harp, cello and piano. Several years ago they met Matt Castle and had the opportunity to work with him on several projects. Sensing a strong musical connection, they realized they had found the perfect fit, both musically and personally.

Individually the members of the Emerald Trio wear many different hats in their musical careers: actor, director, composer, recording and concert artists while performing diverse and varied styles from Bach to cabaret and Broadway to hip hop and jazz. Their love of classical and contemporary chamber music was the common interest and from there the trio was born.

The Emerald Trio strives to present programs drawing from their diverse backgrounds, incorporating cabaret, theater pieces, jazz inspired and unknown and seldom performed works

Sample Program
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